Healthy Living with ORAC Tea

Drink ORAC Tea not Soda

ORAC Tea VS Soda, the difference is clear

Still wondering about drinking soda, or pop, if you're from the Midwest! Take a look at our infographic and I'll think you'll agree, drink ORAC Tea!
Aluminum Can Shortage

Aluminum Cans: An Unexpected Result of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Aluminum can shortage? Yep, just another casualty of COVID-19.

Online Sale Only, Buy One Get One Free

Try an Orac Smoothie made with 1 can of Original Orac tea and frozen pineapples.
ORAC Pineapple Lime

This Labor Day weekend, try something Lime-Tastic

Try an Orac Smoothie made with 1 can of Original Orac tea and frozen pineapples.
Cherry Vanilla Orac Smoothie

Looking for Something Original?

Love Cherries? Try an Orac Smoothie made with 1 can of Original Orac tea and frozen cherries.

Love Smoothies? Try an Orac Orange Crush

With a few simple ingredients, you can make your own Orange Crush Orac Tea Smoothie.
Enjoy ORAC Tea on the shores of Lake Superior

Top 4 Reasons to Drink Cascara Tea

ORAC Tea is made with cascara, one of the healthiest ingredients in beverages. Our tea has less caffeine than coffee and energy drinks and is rich in healthy antioxidants.
Stay Hydrated with ORAC Teas

Hydration and Your Immune System

During this health crisis, it’s important to stay safe and healthy. While there are many things you can do, staying hydrated should be near the top of your list.
Try thus quick at-home work out plan

Quick At-Home Exercise that Help You Stay Fit During a Lockdown

Routines like walking in place, squats, and knee-based pushups can help you stay fit.
Orange, Lime and Original flavors of ORAC Teas

ORAC Tea is now found in Hornbacher’s Grocery Store

ORAC Tea is proud to work with some of the best grocery stores and convenience stores. Thanks to increased popularity, our cascara tea is now found at Hornbacher’s.
How important are bees to our environment and our tea?

Without Bees, Our Tea Wouldn’t Be So Sweet

Our refreshing, healthy beverages also depend on bees to produce honey a delicious ingredient that is healthier and better-tasting than artificial sweeteners.
Some of ORAC Teas most favorite reusable, earth-friendly products.

Reusable Products

By using earthly safe products people are slowly making improvements to our consumption habits. We hope you’ll consider using items like reusable bags too!
Honey VS Stevia

Honey VS Stevia – whats the superior sweetener?

With so many options for sweeteners out there, which is the most superior honey or stevia?

Drink for teeth health (stop staining your teeth)

Teeth health is important, so you need to choose the right foods and drinks.
Get up and move this winter!

Get up and Move

The winter is often viewed as a time to stay home, curl up on the couch, and watch movies. But this means many people don’t get enough exercise during the cold months.

Is Honey Always Pure?

Not all honey is pure. If you purchase honey at the grocery store, it may not have pollen… …which is an important part of identifying the source. Without pollen, there is no way to know where the honey came from.
The amazing health benefits of citrus fruits and ORAC tea.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Citrus Fruit

Ever wonder about the health benefits of citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and limes? Nutrient rich ORAC teas are beneficial for your immune system.
Cascara and potassium; how it effects your health

Cascara, Potassium, and Your Long-Term Health

ORAC tea is a cold-brewed beverage made with cascara, a sweet, fruity ingredient that is high in potassium.
Our cans are recyclable, so please don’t put them in the trash!

Why Recycling Matters

At ORAC Tea, we encourage you to recycle everything possible, including our aluminum cans.

ORAC Teas Brewmaster’s Favorite Spices

Checkout out top 9 spices for making teas, cooking and more.
ORAC Teas have ZERO preservatives!

Are There Any Good Preservatives?

An additive to help keep food last longer preservatives can cause obesity and other health risks.
ORAC Teas are brewed with the very healthy reverse osmosis.

The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis improves the taste of water, and everything made with it, by taking out any impurities
Ways to stay mindful during the holidays

Mindfulness and the Holidays

Being in the moment during the holidays can be tricky, but it is possible. Here's a few ways to stay mindful.
ORAC Tea uses the Coffee Cherry for its health benefits and taste

ORAC Supports Healthy Brain Function & Immune System Boost

Cascara cherry fruit can support healthy brain function and can boost your immune system.
avoid the sugar crash - drink orac tea instead of soda or juice

Sick of the Sugar crash that comes from drinks?

Drink a healthy ORAC Tea and avoid the crash from sugary drinks.
Skip the Pumpkin Spice Latte and have an ORAC Tea instead

Skip the Pumpkin Spice this Fall Season

Grab an ORAC Tea and skip your pumpkin spice latte this fall.
harmful effects of food dyes

What Everyone Needs to Know About Artificial Dyes

Widely used to make food more appealing, but are they safe?
healthy tea drink to drink daily

Better than Today’s Energy Drink

What's better than an energy drink, ORAC Tea of course.
Every little bit helps, follow these steps to make the world a better place.

Love your environment – 5 ways you can help

Your actions matter, small steps you can do to make a big difference.
Healthier then a grab and go?

ORAC Beverages— A Healthier Choice to Grab-n-Go!

Grab an ORAC Tea instead of an energy drink or soda, its a healthier choice.
Is ORAC Teas caffeine free and herbal?

Are ORAC Beverages Considered Herbal and Caffeine Free?

Can a tea be considered both herbal and caffeinated?
aluminum the eco-friendly material

Aluminum: An ‘Eco-Friendlier’ Choice

Aluminum cans contain 3 time the recycled content of glass or plastic bottles.
what is cascara

What is Cascara?

You may be wondering what the main ingredient of our tea is...